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Bike Repair Labor Rates

This is a summary of the most common repair issues we see. If you have questions about other possible repairs which you don’t see on this list, call us! Some repairs may vary if extra work is required. 

Tire/tube replacement                           $10.00

Tire/tube replacement (off bike)          $5.00

Basic tune-up                                           $48.00

Adjust brakes                                           $12.00

Replace brake cable & adjust               $16.00

Adjust bottom bracket                            $12.00

Remove and install cassette/freewheel $8.00

Install new chain                                      $12.00

Adjust derailleur, front or rear              $12.00

Replace derailleur cable & adjust        $16.00

Adjust headset                                         $9.00-15.00

Adjust hub                                                $11.00

True wheel side to side                          $10.00 and up

True wheel and tension                          $25.00

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