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May is Bike Month

As part of bike month, the Bike Month Committee has organized a variety of family-friendly events for riders of all levels.

Benefits of Bicycling

Remember when you were a kid, and wanted nothing more than a shiny new bike and a free afternoon to ride it around the neighborhood? The good news is now that you're a grownup you can recreate that childhood fun and — at the same time — reap some very grown-up benefits as well. 

Patagonia: An Environmental Mission

Many of our companies promote environmental initiatives, but none more than Patagonia. 

Love Your Planet Sale

Join us this spring as we celebrate Earth Day for two whole weeks, with our annual Love Your Planet Sale from April 11-26. 

Spring Bike Cleanup

Now that spring has come, it's time to get your bike out of the garage and enjoy the warmer weather.  We recommend that you look over your bicycle to make sure it's in safe and effective working order before you get out on the road.