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It’s freezing cold in the morning, warm and sunny in the afternoon. What do you do? At The Pathfinder, we have one key piece of advice for this time of year: Layers! Start with a base layer:  something thin and light that will wick moisture from your skin so your sweat doesn’t make you damp (wet=cold). Then put an insulating layer or two in the middle — fleece, down, etc. — that can vary according to the temperature and that can be unzipped to vent when you start overheating or removed and stashed if necessary. The outside layer should be windproof and/or waterproof, with a hood if possible.  Whether you’re going out for a run in the cold or sitting at a ball game or just leaving for work early in the morning, Kansas can offer us three seasons’ worth of weather in just one day. Layering means you answer with three seasons’ worth of clothing options!

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