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Why do I Need a Jersey?

Most of us have been riding bicycles since we were kids, and rode in T-shirts and jean shorts. That worked fine, right? So why should you spend the money to buy a bike jersey instead of riding in a T-shirt now? First, you'll stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Jerseys are made of high-performance polyesters which wick moisture from your body so you don't get sweaty and damp (i.e. cool) in the winter. They have mesh venting areas to get sweat off your body so you can cool off in the summer. Jerseys also have design features which can greatly improve your comfort when you ride. First, they are cut to fit more snugly against your body -- this helps the wicking fabric work better, and also cuts down on your shirt flapping in the wind when you're riding. Jerseys are longer in the back, so they won't ride up your back when you're in riding position. Many have gripping tape along the bottom edge to keep them from riding up as well. Almost all jerseys have pockets in the back for you to store items you want to access while you're riding: energy bars, gel, etc. Some pockets even zip closed. Most jerseys have either quarter zippers or full zippers so you can adjust your temperature while riding. And most are brightly colored and have some reflective elements so you can be more visible on the road while you're riding. If you're planning to ride your bicycle frequently, you'll soon discover that a good bicycle jersey is well worth the cost. They will keep you more comfortable and safe, making the time you spend on your bike more enjoyable. And after all, that's what it's all about!

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