The Pathfinder is a locally owned and operated outdoor equipment store in Manhattan, Kansas. We opened in 1975 and specialize in gear and clothing for bicycling, backpacking, paddling, climbing, traveling, fly fishing and other outdoor activities. We're back to our Winter Hours: 10-6 Monday through Saturday, but open 'til 7 on Thursdays. We will close early (at 4:00) on New Year's Eve and will be closed New Year's Day. We will be doing Inventory on Monday, Jan. 5, and will open at 1:00 that day.

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    It was a beautiful weekend, but now it feels like winter has officially arrived!  We have our winter clothing ready to help you keep warm on the coldest days, including gloves & hats, fleece & wool, down & synthetic coats, and base layer. Don't let the cold keep you indoors! 

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    Camping can mean many things to many different campers – from camping along the river on a fishing trip to Colorado to camping at Tuttle over the weekend. We specialize in lightweight, high quality gear that can double as backpacking or car camping gear.

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    Kayaking and canoeing are both great ways to enjoy the outdoors, and we are happy to support the needs of local paddlers

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    Winter doesn't mean you have to stop riding your bike -- with the right clothing you can ride even on the cold winter days.  Check out our blog on winter riding clothing.  Still not interested in cold-weather riding? We highly recommend a trainer so that you can keep pedaling through the winter.  

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    The Pathfinder is located in Downtown Manhattan, Kansas. Our distinctive green awning can be found at 304 Poyntz, just west of the Manhattan Town Center mall. 

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    For over 39 years, we have been providing bicycles for adults and children in Northeast Kansas, and we have enjoyed being your bike shop for so many years. When you buy a bike at The Pathfinder, you know it is from one of the top bicycle companies in the industry.


Choose your own adventures! We will help you get there.

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